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Ice Land Water Park

Iceland Water Park

First time visitors soon notice something essential about Ras Al Khaimah’s people: family is their number one priority. His Highness Sheikh Saud Bin Saqr al Qasimi is himself a family man. Ras Al Khaimah is a fantastic choice for a family trip, and a warm welcome awaits children of all ages (including the young at heart!). You’ll find plenty of ways to fill your days in the sun, from unmatched cultural experiences to shopping, dining, and water parks.

Saqr Park
Saqr Park, located in the Kieran area, is a beautifully maintained oasis of green, boasting large shade trees, lush lawns, and beautiful flowers. Bring a picnic lunch and linger, spending the day exploring and relaxing.

The park contains both indoor and outdoor attractions accessible free of charge. Check out the selection of restaurants and shops, as well as an indoor arcade, or enjoy a boat ride outside on the lake. Then, hop aboard one of the park’s two trains for some sightseeing, or just to enjoy the refreshing breeze.


“Mount Attack” Slides

Saqr Park is cherished by locals and visitors alike. Spend a day there, and you’ll likely make a few new friends before you leave!

Iceland Water Park
At Iceland Water Park, the desert has frozen over! With a full array of dining and entertainment options, the park, filled with ice, snow, and a herd of model penguins, is a perennial favorite among families visiting RAK.

Children of all ages will enjoy the park’s diverse attractions. A Kid’s Cove dedicated to toddlers contains a sand pit, miniature slides and shallow waters, while older thrill seekers can try one of the many adventurous rides, such as Mt. Cyclone.

Penguin Falls: The largest man-made waterfall in the world, measuring 540 feet wide and 120 feet tall.

Mount Fury: As its name suggests, this attraction is not for the faint of heart. It contains a number of slides, including Snow Storm, Typhoon and Blizzard.

Mount Tempest: Scale an Arctic glacier as you make your way to the Cresto Burrows and Glacier Slides.

Mount Cyclone: Enjoy a heart-stopping ride on one of the park’s most demanding slides!

Mount Iceberg: Race your friends down an ultra-long Aqua Chute, and compete for the best times!

Mount Attack: Three slides named the Raider, Sortie and the Striker combine to give guests a thrilling ride.

Arctic Wave: A 3,000 square meter wave pool transports you to the open sea.

Penguin Bay: A 5,600 square meter rain dance pool, the largest in the world, combines music and swimming in the Rock Hoppers Den, Rain Showers, Open Disco and Shaded Disco.

Mount Boomerango: Enjoy a boomerang-style slide down the mountain. Guaranteed to get your heart racing.

Kid’s Cove: A gentle, safe environment where the park’s youngest guests can enjoy the water.

Coral Isle: Snorkel with live fish at a manmade coral reef.

Snow River: Take a lazy ride on our 400-meter river.